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  • Why crystals?

    Why crystals?

    CRYSTALS: All-embracing term for a gem, precious or semi-precious stone, mineral ore, resin or fossil.

    Crystals have been used for thousands of years to protect and enhance personal energy and to instill the qualities, such as confidence, that help you to feel safe in an uncertain world. 

    Recipes for crystals have been found that are over 5,000 years old, and some crystals are still being used today. Bloodstone, Hematite, and Carnelian, for instance, were placed around the wrists of newborn babies in Mesopotamia and Egypt to ensure a long, prosperous and safe life. The same combination is still effective in modern times.

    There is evidence from graves over 40,000 years old that crystals were used to protect the dead on their journey to the next world, and we can assume that they were also used to protect the living. This tradition passed into Greece, Arabia, India and the far East. This means such crystals are imbued not only with their inherent properties but also with the power of intent, expectation and long tradition.

    Today, Quantum Physics helps to understand the answer to how crystal work. In the meantime, we can definitely talk about their ability to focus energy - which is why they are used for lasers and computer chips.

    We also know that many crystals are “piezoelectric” - that is, they generate minute electrical currents that interact with the currents in the human body or the environment. Some contain traces of therapeutic minerals that pass through the skin barrier to bring about physiological changes, like Kunzite. 

    Other crystals, particularly black crystals such as Tourmaline or smoky Quartz, have an internal lattice that traps energy within them.  

    The ability of crystals to harness the power of your mind and enhance the tools is truly incredible. They amp up the energy and boost whatever you do, and they have a unique ability to absorb negative energy.

    A choice of stones is essential because specific stones are suitable for particular people and other stones are more suited to someone else - not all people resonate at the same frequency or have the same sensitivity.

    Do remember, crystals pick up the vibrations of everyone who handles them and is in their vicinity. This is why they need regular cleansing. (Go to the following posts to discover how to cleanse your crystals.)

    Further on our blog posts, you’ll find the basic information you’ll need about choosing, caring for your crystals, and how to get more of them. 

    By; Maya Moore 


                                             Source: “Crystals for Energy Protection” Book by Judy Hall