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  • Practical Crystal Applications

    Practical Crystal Applications

    The crystals perfectly embody their energy and can be laid on your body to bring about therapeutic balance and emotional transformation. You can, for example, use Flint to energetically scrape away karmic encrustations and outdated emotional pattering that prevent you from moving forward. All you need to do is "comb" it gently all around your body or lay the stones over your heart for five or ten minutes. You could then lay the Rose Quartz over your heart for infuse it with unconditional love. However, more precise, targeted healing through the laying on of specific crystal on or around the body and the chakras is possible. You can also select a crystal appropriate for the condition or organ for which you require healing. (See the following posts)



    First-Aid Solutions

    Crystals can also bring first-aid assistance of the common causes of dis-ease:

    - Malfunctioning immune system: Bloodstone or Quantum Quattro over the center of your chest

    Stress and tension or inadequate rest: Auralite23, Amethyst or Selenite on your forehead or behind your head

    - Shock or trauma: Rose Quartz or amethyst over your heart

    Toxic emotions or negative thoughts: Smokey Quartz Elestial, Auralite23 or Malachite on your solar plexus or on top of your head 

    - Emotional exhaustion/energy drain: Eye of the storm or Flint under your left armpit or on your solar plexus

    -Anxiety or fear: Anandalite, Amethyst or Turquoise over your solar plexus

    Blocked creativity: Menalite or Carnelian on your belly



    (See the following posts about chakra)

    By: Maya Moore