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  • The Therapeutic Use of Crystals

    The Therapeutic Use of Crystals

    The therapeutic use of crystals can be traced for back into pre-history. The Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and people of the Indian sub-continent were well aware of the chemical constituents of stones and their medical applications, as were the ancient Chinese. As the 3,500-year-old Ebers Papyrus and other medical papyri and limestone “remedy shards” show, in ancient Egypt the astringent properties of Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise and the antibacterial effect of Malachite were regularly utilized. The anti-inflammatory properties of iron-rich Hematite and other red stones stemmed bleeding and swelling and dissolved anger of discord. But stones were also used because of color affinities and resonances. The green stones, for example, were believed to reset and restore the eyes because of the green of nature - rare in a predominantly desert landscape. Blue stones exerted a tonic influence and counteracted the effect of spirits of darkness (often as a cause of dis-ease, physical or mental), procuring the assistance of spirits of wisdom and light. 



    In the context of crystal healing, dis-ease is an energetic imbalance at the physical, emotional mental, psychic, karmic, ancestral or spiritual level. The place where this dis-ease or imbalance ultimately manifests is the physical body, but not all dis-ease occurs physically. It is simply and energetic imbalance. The crystals help yo to seek out the source of your dis-ease and to heal its effects. Healing is brought about by rebalancing and reintegration, a return to well-being at the level at which your soul and its intentions require for your present-life learning. It does not imply a cure. 


    By: Maya Moore