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  • Lavender Amethyst Bracelet $40-$65

    BEAD Size:
    6 mm
    8 mm
    10 mm
    BRACELET Size:
    15 cm
    16.5 cm
    18 cm
    19.5 cm
    21 cm

    Lavender Amethyst Bracelet

    Bead size #6: $40

    Bead size #8: $50

    Bead size #10: $65

    This handmade bracelet features healing crystal beads of Amethyst. Amethyst connects to the Aquarius, Prices. Capricorn, and Virgo signs. We use sterling silver (925) charm and high-quality elastic for all bracelets

    Healing properties:

    Lavender Amethyst has the same properties as Lavender but it has more vibration. Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective crystal with an immensely high vibration stemming from its deep purple hue.  It balances our mind, body, and spirit leaving us feeling centred and grounded while converting our scattered thoughts into focused ideals. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to wear or keep at the office as it repels all forms of negative energy from the environment.  Amethyst links our physical, mental, and emotional energies to the Spiritual.  This cleanses and revitalizes our Aura, raises our vibration, and connects us to the endless love of the Divine while providing insights into our true nature and encouraging us to seek Spiritual wisdom and guidance.   It is very beneficial to the brain, as it can both calm and stimulate based on what is needed at the time.  Amethyst can also enhance our memory and improve our motivation to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.  In addition, Amethyst dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety, making it an excellent stone to sleep with to avoid nightmares.  Amethyst is a true gift from the Divine and must-have in every crystal lover’s collection!

    How to choose the correct size?

    All of our bracelets are available in a variety of sizes and beads to ensure a proper fit and taste. The sizes are available to choose from reflecting how long the bracelet is while lying flat.

    - Using a tape measurer. Measure your wrist that you like to wear your bracelet. If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Then, measure the string with a ruler.

    - Take the measurement of your wrist and add 1.5 cm for a snug fit or up to 2.5 cm for a looser fit. Select the bracelet size that is closest. ( Example: If your wrist measured 17+1.5=18.5. You can select 18 cm.

    - Finally, select the bead size.


    Real size ruler: