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  • Chrysocolla Bracelet $50-$90

    BEAD Size:
    6 mm
    8 mm
    10 mm
    BRACELET Size:
    15 cm
    16.5 cm
    18 cm
    19.5 cm
    21 cm

    Chrysocolla Bracelet

    Bead size #6: $50

    Bead size #8: $60

    Bead size #10: $90

    This handmade bracelet features healing crystal beads of Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is connected to Taurus and Gemini, and Virgo. We use sterling silver (925) charm and high-quality elastic for all bracelets.   

    Healing properties 

    Chrysocolla radiates tranquillity and serenity by absorbing negativity and providing strength to accept the ever-changing situations we face.  Chrysocolla is highly beneficial for those struggling in relationships as it helps those involved heal their hearts and bring stability to the home.  Chrysocolla also expands our intuition by encouraging self-awareness and inner balance which leaves us more grounded and focused to Intune without our intuition.  Chrysocolla imposes upon us to be truthful and impeccable with our word by relieving the fear and worry we feel that cause us to lie.  An overall harmonizer, Chrysocolla will balance the mind, body, spirit connection, as well as harmonize our home into a loving, peaceful environment.


     How to choose the correct size?

    All of our bracelets are available in a variety of sizes and beads to ensure a proper fit and taste. The sizes are available to choose from reflecting how long the bracelet is while lying flat.

    - Using a tape measurer. Measure your wrist that you like to wear your bracelet. If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Then, measure the string with a ruler.

    - Take the measurement of your wrist and add 1.5 cm for a snug fit or up to 2.5 cm for a looser fit. Select the bracelet size that is closest. (Example: If your wrist measured 17+1.5=18.5. You can select 18 cm.

    - Finally, select the bead size.


    Real size ruler: