White Sage & Green Mullein Smudge Stick


White Sage & Green Mullein Smudge Stick

Length: 4"

Smudging is a cultural ceremony practiced by various Indigenous peoples in Canada and other parts of the world. Although practices differ, smudging is used for medicinal and practical purposes and spiritual rituals. The practice generally involves prayer and burning sacred medicines, such as sweetgrass, cedar, sage, and tobacco. While colonization has repressed such traditions, the practice of smudging has survived to the present day.



- Don’t leave it unattended. Make sure there’s someone around the burning sage (or any other herbs) at all times. Remember, prevention is always better than cure.

-Keep a bowl of sand handy during the smudging process. It will help you extinguish the burning smudge stick after the ritual or in case of emergencies.