Super Negin Saffron

3 gr
5 gr

Persian Saffron

Premium Super Negin

Organic from IRAN - Qaenat

  • Hand-Picked Threads.
  • No Additives or Preservatives.
  • 100% Natural and pure Saffron.
  • Best Quality Saffron.
  • Saffron comes directly from Farms
  • The color of Negin Saffron is fully red.
  • Negin saffron is straight and has no wavy pattern

Negin saffron is among the highest quality of Saffron and thus it is very valuable. Negin saffron is longer and thicker than common saffron. Negin Saffron enhances the flavor, color, and aroma of the food. It can be used to prepare saffron rice, tea, coffee, milk, etc.

Saffron is the king of spices and famous for its beneficial properties, ranging from being a good reliever to healing physically. As well as mental depression, pain, and anxiety.