Mandalas: A Coloring Book by Paul Heussenstamm


Mandalas: A Coloring Book by Paul Heussenstamm


Art is an essential part of the human experience, and sharing knowledge is crucial in strengthening the community. Pomegranate publishes images and concepts that enrich the human spirit of creativity and connection.

 Mandalas are an ancient form of meditative art. The circular form draws your eye toward its center, focusing your mind on the present moment and opening up your heart. Paul Heussenstamm, a fourth-generation artist, grew up in a highly creative, spiritual environment that helped form the pattern of his life and work, most prominently his mandala artworks. He incorporates principles of sacred traditions. Start each morning by finding your center with the helpHeussenstamm’s mandalas, collected in this book.


Product Description: 

108 pages with 50 images to color on high-quality paper

• Hardcover book with a special lay-flat binding
• High-quality paper perfect for colored pencils, pens, and markers
• Coloring pages are blank on the back so they can be cut out and displayed
• Sewn, lay-flat binding for easy use
• Hardcover is slightly flexible
• Printed with soy-based inks

Size: 8.5 x 11 x .5 in.