Five Precious Incense Sticks Pack


Five Precious Incense Sticks Pack (5 Boxes)


Enjoy a variety of incense fragrances and also make for wonderful gifts as well. Included in this Hem Precious Five Gift Pack: Precious Chandan, Precious Gulab, Precious Musk, Precious Mogra, and Precious Lavender.
Precious Chandan: Sandalwood-based incense to cool, pacify and purify.
Precious Gulab (Rose): A unique fragrance of a million roses, a source of sublime purity.
Precious Musk: A mystical aroma that touches many chords in the conscious and subconscious mind, awaking it to full alertness.
Precious Mogra (Jasmine): The heady fragrance of Jasmine is evocative of a million small white blossoms and an infinitely desirable scent.
Precious Lavender: A delightfully gentle scent that soothes and freshens. This Lavender incense has a quintessentially floral fragrance.


Product Description: 

 Hem Incense, one of the Top Selling Incense in the world. Hand Made in India. Hem incense is perfect for prayers, meditation, yoga. Each incense stick is hand rolled using natural ingredients

Origin:  Hand rolled in India - HEM

Fragrance: Gulab | Lavender | Chandan | Mogra | Musk

burning Time:   30 min per stick

Content: Pack of 5 Boxes| 20 sticks per box (100 Incense Sticks)

Pack Type: Hexagonal Box of each 


Caution: Light, the coated end of the incense stick, once lit, blow the flame out. Place incense stick away from the flammable materials on a fireproof and heat-resistant surface. Use an Incense Stick holder. Keep out of reach of children. Not for Human Consumption. Not tested on animals. Refer pack for other details.