KYARA KONGO - Selected Aloeswood Japanese Incense 60 sticks


KYARA KONGO - Selected Aloeswood Japanese Incense

60 sticks: $47.00

The most valued scented wood, Kyara (Highest Quality Aloeswood), is used for Kyara Kongo. Enjoy the scent that noblemen of the ancient Japanese imperial court enjoyed during incense ceremonies. Kyara is also used as the main ingredient in Kyara Taikan.

KYARA KONGO - "Diamond Kyara." A nice choice for starters and/or as a gift. It comes with a fabric-covered Paulownia wood box and a ceramic incense stand. Single-size incense.


Product Description: 

Origin: Hand-rolled in Japan

Fragrance: Selected aloeswood

burning Time:   Approx. 13 min per stick

Net Contents: 60

Pack Type: Rectangular Box

Stick Size: 4 Inches



Caution: Light, the coated end of the incense stick, once lit, blow the flame out. Place incense stick away from the flammable materials on a fireproof and heat-resistant surface. Use an Incense Stick holder. Keep out of reach of children. Not for Human Consumption. Not tested on animals. Refer to pack for other details.