Sterling Silver 925 Jewel Crystal Candle


Sterling Silver 925 Jewel Crystal Candle

Light your Jewel Crystal Candle and enjoy the enchanting scent of Bergamot and Fir. Make a wish for your dreams, and when you've finished burning, your Sterling Silver 925 Necklace will be revealed! As a bonus, keep the crystals to connect with the cosmic powers.

You connect to your oldest ancestors and their profound wisdom about fire's mystical power every time you light a candle. Likewise, crystal and herbal candles are magical because they help you focus on your wishes, commit to your crystals, and give power to your intention. All the ingredients in our crystal candles are aligned with the intention of each candle.


Rose Quartz




Clear Quartz

Saffron (Persian)



Soy wax

Cotton Wick

%10 Fragrance Rose oil

Weight: 10 0z

What makes it different?

NEEX crystal candles are handmade with all-natural crystals, herbs, spices, and fragrance oil. In addition, we use Eco-friendly soy wax and HTP wicks. Candles made with Soy Wax burn more slowly and last longer than paraffin. They can last up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.

HTTP Wicks are flat braid wicks possessing intertwined thin paper fibres. This design is a cleaner-burning, self-trimming wick with additional structural strength, controlled curling, and a hotter, more efficient flame. 

We use saffron bundles from organic farms in Iran-Qaenat, the origin of the best Saffron in the world.


NOTE: Because of the nature of the handmade product, each design of the candles may be different.