CAR PROTECTION - Evil Eye Black Tourmaline


CAR PROTECTION - Evil Eye Black Tourmaline


Traditional Turkish Protection Amulet – This beautiful adjustable car protection evil eye charm features handmade protective evil eye glass to ward off negative energy and provide positive blessings.

Inspire Good Luck and Personal Success – These evil eye bead charms not only help absorb the bad energy in your car, but they’re also a talisman that helps bring you good fortune and a positive mindset every day during your journey.


Crystal information:

Tourmaline has a special energy that can cleanse, purify and transform negativity into high vibrational energy, as it protects our Aura by shielding us from the negative energy of others.  Tourmaline is a great stone to have at the office or anywhere else you encounter energy vampires.  Additionally, Tourmaline is one of the most capable grounding stones providing an almost effect upon touching the stone.  It works directly with our Root Chakra to open up our base, increase our energy and vitality and disperse any tension and stress we were holding onto.  Tourmaline emboldens us to approach life more relaxed and laid back with an upbeat, positive attitude.  In addition, it encourages us to think rationally and clearly before we take action by keeping us calm, cool and collected during challenging times. In addition, Black Tourmaline is an excellent shield against all Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) pollution and geo-pathic stress caused by computers, Wi-Fi signals, cell phone towers, underground power lines etc.  Tourmaline has immense healing energies and is an important addition to our healing crystal collections!


Size: adjustable (for easy hanging to the car front mirror)

Crystals: Black Tourmaline

Handmade in NEEX

***Note: The shape and size of the evil eye may differ.