Thuja Coil Incense


Thuja (Cedars) Coil Incense 

 Thuja is a genus of evergreen trees in the cypress family. 

Easy to Use:  Ignite it and burn it about 4mm from the beginning of the hole, then place it in the hole in the burner (the incense), and the smoke will emanate from the incense.

Burning the incense: Burner has the function of promoting meditation, relieves daily tension, and helps sleep. When you sleep or rest in the tea room, you can use Agarwood to relax your nerves and relieve fatigue.

Product Description:

Count: 48 Plates

Diameter: Approx. 6.5cm | 2.6in

Burning time, about 3.5hours.

Odor retention time, about 4 hours.

Natural plant oils | 100% handmade